Rachelle Houde Simard


Beyond my obvious love of good coffee, I'm a proud geek, futurist and technophile who's found a vocation in marketing and communications strategy with a specialization in digital, social media and experiential marketing. 

Over the course of my nearly 20 year career, I've had the opportunity to work with brands like L'Oréal, Global Citizen, Google, C2 Commerce + Creativity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, BDC, Startupfest, Ancestry.com, and so many more.

I've also been honoured to be part of award winning teams as well as small startups: so "hustle" has a very specific meaning to me.

Ask me about digital humanitarianism, why I believe in social impact businesses, and how I fell in love with BBS's back in the mid-90s.

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Why "La Sociable"?

Great question, simple answer: that's just who I am, sociable. I also fervently believe that brands should also strive to be just that: approachable, amicable, empathetic, easy to talk to, interested and curious. Whether it's through your on-boarding, customer service, social media channels or post-sale emails, brands should never take sociability for granted. It's a verb, not just a state of being.