A strategist in your team, but not on your payroll.


Rachelle Houde Simard

Senior Strategist,
La Sociable

What I do.

In the nearly 20 years I've worked in agencies, I've helped businesses of all types reach their objectives by coordinating, managing and developing business, marketing and communications initiatives. I've also been on the flipside of leading those initiatives from within startups and small businesses. 

Now I want to help your business without the middle man


I know that NOT ALL businesses - especially startups - have the resources necessary to have a strategist join their team full time, so here's how I can help you:


First, let's meet for coffee, either in person or via video conference, so we can get to know each other and learn more about your goals and objectives, and explore how I can help you.



If we click (I'm sure we will), based on our initial conversation and your needs, I'll propose a plan of action and recommendation on how we can work together. 


Based on that proposal, you can reserve a block of my time (10, 20 or 40 hours/month for a flat hourly rate) based on your objectives timeline so that I can integrate into your team and start working on reaching those goals of yours. 


Once that strategy is set in place, I can help you find, build or train the team to execute your strategy, and help set up processes to measure and analyze your results. 


Ready to TALK?

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Whether your business is launching, scaling or established, I can help.
I love working with social impact businesses and non-profits because of our aligned values
and my experience with them has been so valuable, but I love a good challenge.


Digital strategy

Whether you're looking to build a website or a 360 online experience, we can dive deep into your users' needs and develop a UX requirements plan including personas, consumer journeys, user paths and content strategy. I can also help you build your RFP to properly inform your web agency on your expectations and needs.



Which platform should your business be active on? What kind of content should you create or curate? Should you extend customer service on them? Which frequency should you post at? What about video? I can help you demystify social media and build a plan that fits not only your consumers' wants but fit your reality. Beyond that, I can help you find and train a social media or community manager, develop management tools and create an analytics report.



Planning a launch event? Or considering hosting a conference series? What do you want people to walk away thinking and feeling after spending their time with you? How do you create a sustainable and memorable event? What should your social media strategy be surrounding the event? Let's go from big idea to small details and make your events stand out.

Speaking & hosting



  • Talks and panels
  • Guest speaking
  • Workshop animation
  • Game-storming and brainstorm animation
  • Team coaching
  • Community manager training
  • Internship programs


I've truly enjoyed the relationships I've built with both mentees and interns. If you're looking for mentorship in marketing, strategy and social impact, I take on only a couple of mentees per year. Fill out the form below and let's talk.


Rachelle Houde Simard


Beyond my obvious love of good coffee (which explains why you'll find me working out of the Crew Collective on most days), I'm a proud geek, futurist and technophile who's found a vocation in marketing and communications strategy with a specialization in digital, social media and experiential marketing. 

Over the course of my nearly 20 year career, I've had the opportunity to work with brands like L'Oréal, Global Citizen, Google, C2 Commerce + Creativity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, BDC, Startupfest, Ancestry.com, and so many more.

I've also been honoured to be part of award winning teams as well as small startups: so "hustle" has a very specific meaning to me.

Ask me about digital humanitarianism, why I believe in social impact businesses, and how I fell in love with BBS's back in the mid-90s.

If you want to learn more about my career, visit my LinkedIn page. 

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And yes, I'm still active and filterless on Twitter


Why "La Sociable"?

Great question, simple answer: that's just who I am, sociable. I also fervently believe that brands should also strive to be just that: approachable, amicable, empathetic, easy to talk to, interested and curious. Whether it's through your on-boarding, customer service, social media channels or post-sale emails, brands should never take sociability for granted. It's a verb, not just a state of being.